Jack’s Food Blog: Tuscany

Here we are in Tuscany. Tuscany is famous for its grapes, olives, cities, and it’s food. In this meal, I not only get to eat the delicious food, I  get to make it too.

As the sauce simmers and the pasta boils. I prepare for a wonderful lunch.

We started with garlic bread and salad. The garlic bread was amazing. The bread was toasty and the garlic was so fresh that the whole thing exploded in my mouth. The salad was good as well.  Called Panzanella, it had ripped chunks of bread in it. It was different but good. The vinagrette dressing was great and the lettuce was very crunchy and sweet. It also had tomatoes and cucumbers, fresh from the garden.

The two first courses, or primi piatti as they say in Italia, were two different pasta dishes.  The first was pasta pomodoro. It was delicious. It was amazing to recognize the flavors of the ingredients you put in. I could taste the garlic in the sauce and the red pepper.  The sauce was your classic great tomato sauce. the flavors of basil and garlic and especially the tomato. Now, about the pasta: we made it by hand! It is called Pici, a very thick pasta. We rolled it by hand into long, thick, strands of pasta, almost like spaghetti, but a lot thicker. We cooked it to perfection. It was warm, it was so easy to just bite right into, and it was delicious!

The second Pasta dish was shell shaped pasta in a cheese and onion sauce. Again, it was different but amazingly good. The delicious, soft, perfectly cooked pasta just melted in my mouth and the sauce added a creamy, salty, flavor to the extraordinary pasta. Thyme and cannellini beans were the secret ingredients in this dish. Perfetto!

For our main course, we had chicken

I was so full I couldn’t take another bite. My stomach was filled with a delicious, Tuscan meal. It is so far the best meal I’ve had in Italy. Can’t wait to write about my next delicious meal!

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