Jack’s Food Blog: Positano

From the green fields of Tuscany we go to the rocky beaches of Positano. Positano is famous for their seafood, I have got to try some here!  After a long, dangerous, and adventurous drive on the cliffs, and a long day at the beach, I need some hearty sea food to fill me up!

We walk down from the hotel to the town of Positano. After a long walk along the cliffs, we come to our destination. A small restaurant buried in the hillside. What could we find here?  We walk in and we are seated at a long table. There are many locals gathered there to watch the soccer game.  I look at the menu, it’s filled with all different kinds of fish. I wanted to try all of them, but I could only get one.

I chose the Rigatoni with mussels. It was very good, not excellent, but very good. The pasta was satisfactory; it was underdone and very hard. Maybe I am a tough critic but that was the worst pasta I had on the trip. Now you must be wondering how this dish managed to be very good? Well you’ll find out.

The mussels were extraordinary. Soft and juicy, the texture was just heaven in my mouth. Fresh from the sea, these added some tenderness to the dish and some flavor. Best mussels I’ve ever had. ( Note: best “mussels” I’ve ever had, not best mussels dish. I prefer mussels in the shells served in a bowl of spicy tomato sauce.)

The dish was topped off not with sauce, but with olive oil. It added some smooth texture and flavor to the pasta to add a kick to the dish.

Now we are done with Italy, and we move on to Sicily. Even though we’ll still technically be in Italy, the Sicilians say  “If you’re from Sicily, you are not Italian, you are Sicilian!” Luckily I’m Sicilian. I can’t wait to see what the food is like there.

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