After a long drive full of twisty cliff roads and beautiful ocean views, we and the Darienzos finally arrived in Positano.  After settling into our hotel, the nine of us headed down the hundreds of steps to our private beach. The steps were built into the side of the cliff and would zig zag back and forth all the way down to the beach. It was easier to go down than it was to go up! We swam in the ocean all day and worked up an appetite. After climbing the stairs back to our hotel, we headed into town by foot. As we were walking along the side of the road, we noticed there wasn’t any sidewalk! You couldn’t see any cars coming around the bend, and we had a fairly long walk ahead of us. After we arrived in town, We explored all the little shops and markets by the beach.  After a good night’s sleep we awoke the next morning and boarded a boat! We sailed through the crystal clear waters and explored all sorts of caves and grottos. One of the caves we went into was spectacular! The water was so clear, that you could see all the way to the bottom despite the darkness of the cave!  We passed by the seaside town of Amalfi, and relaxed on a beach nearby.  We swam all day long in the crystal clear water, eating gelato and pizza of course.  After we returned home, we were exhausted. So, because we were tired and because it was the Darienzo’s last night in Italia, we got some dinner and played a game of Sardines in our hotel. It was a great way to end our time with the Darienzos. Now, off to Sicily!

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