Jack’s Food Blog: Agrigento

We are now staying at Villa Athena in Agrigento,  in a hotel looking over the best preserved Greek temple in the world.   Around 500 B.C, the Greeks sailed over and claimed the island of Sicilia as part of Greece.  They built some temples and stadiums, like they did everywhere else in Greece, until the Roman Empire chased them out. Still to this day, the 2,500 year old Temple of Athena remains the best preserved Greek temple in the world. When we checked in we were amazed to find that our rooms had amazing views of the temple.

We were tired from the long drive and  went for a swim in the pool.  It was time for dinner, but little did I know I would have my most adventurous meal yet!

So as we look at the stunning view of the temple from our table, my mom says to me, “You know Jack, this region of Sicily is famous for their seafood.”  It turns out she was right. I had the mussels to start and the grilled swordfish.

The musells were amazing. They were in a pot of spicy tomato sauce, just how I like them. The were hot, they were juicy, they were soft and they were delicious. The best musells I have had in Italy or France or Sardegna. The sauce was a traditional marinara sauce, but with a spicy kick to it.

Now for the swordfish. I have never had it before. I am an adventurous person.  I’ve had jerk shrimp, I’ve had oysters, I’ve had duck, I’ve had rabbit, and I’ve had snails. For me this goes on that list. It was fantastic. It was grilled just how I like it. It was served in a white wine and lemon sauce. So good. Swordfish is like fluke and flounder combined.  The texture is like  fluke and the flavor of flounder. Now, I’m going to look for swordfish when I am dining out in New York City.

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