Jack’s Food Blog: Ciminna

Today is my final entry (for Italy), and it is a very special one indeed. During a visit to a town where my family is from, Ciminna, we met our long lost relatives! They took us to their house and fed us a delicious meal.

We first had spaghetti pomodoro. It was really good, the sauce was heavy and delicious and the pasta was thin and very well done.

Next we had sausages that were out of this world. They were spicy, they were juicy and they had just the right amount of firmness. It was the best sausage I had on the trip.

Then we had fresh watermelon, it was so good! It was so juicy and flavorful. It was a nice way to finish of the meal.

Goodbye Italia. I will miss you for your sights, for your people, your feel and your food. It has been such a great experience writing this blog and tasting the wonderful food. We were in so many great places that I will remember. Ciao, Italia!

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