Jack’s Food Blog: Gobo

This week we went to a vegaterian restaurant in the city called Gobo. At first my hopes were not high but my meal exceeded my excpectations.

To start I had pumpkin soup with potatoes and kidney beans. It was good. The pumpkin tasted very spiced and it was very thick. It was hot too so that part reminded me of pumpkin pie. The potatoes were cooked very well, but to me it didn’t mix well with the pumpkin. The kidney beans were bad but added a vegetable that mixed suprisingly well with the Pumpkin.

As my main dish I had rissoto with butternut squash. It was not as good as I had expected. The rissoto was hard. It was not soft and creamy like I had expected. The butternut squash was hard also. I wanted it to be soft and buttery, But I was pretty full from the heavy pumpkin soup anyways.

Then for dessert I had vegan chocolate cake. It was so good, it might have been some of the best chocolate cakes I’ve ever had. Since vegans cannot have milk, they cannot use it in chocolate. So the chocolate was very thick. And the sponge cake was delicious.

So overall this restaurant, was very good. I can’t believe that it could be this good without meat. I will have to start eating some more vegetarian foods more often.

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