Two weeks ago, Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. The hurricane left Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn and Long Island completely devastated. One of the areas that got hit the worst was Rockaway. Several fires broke out during the storm and the water level from flooding was so high, that people had to swim to safety.  A few days later, my mom and dad decided to go donate some supplies to Saint Francis and see the damage done in Rockaway. They were shocked at how bad things actually were. You could see the waterlines on the houses, and there were people throwing wet debris out of their houses. No news station had shown how bad the damage in Rockaway was and no one was even there donating anything. The next day, Mom decided to deliver some pizzas and water to St. Francis. The people there were so happy just to get a hot slice of pizza. When my mom got home, she posted pictures on Facebook of what they had done in Rockaway, and she wrote about how much it helped people there. All of our friends then started donating money for us to buy pizzas with. For the past two and a half weeks Pizza Patrol has been delivering hot pizza not just to Rockaway, but Broad Channel, Far Rockaway, Hamilton Beach and Howard Beach.

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