Good Day New York!

As you may know, our family started Pizza Patrol,  a service project where we delivered hot pizza to the victims of hurricane Sandy. After a couple weeks of delivering, we were recognized by Channel 5 news! The reporter and news crew came and recorded us delivering pizza. The next morning, after being on the five o’clock news my mom, Jack, Ava and I were interviewed on ‘Good Day New York’! We had an amazing experience, meeting a few celebrities, learning how the weather green screen works and especially getting interviewed on live television!

After our interview, Dave, the host of Good Day New York, showed us around the newsroom. We got to sit at the news desk and we even got to read off the teleprompter!

We got to meet Ed Asner backstage! He is the voice of Carl in ‘Up’!

At the studio, every guest on Good Day New York gets to sign the walls outside the newsroom! There were so many famous signatures like Kristin Chenowith, Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers, Chuck Norris and Jason Derulo just to name a few. The four of us signed next to our favorite celebrities and singers. Ava signed next to Carol Channing, Mom signed next to Jessica Chastain, Jack signed next to Justin Bieber and I signed next to Ed Sheeran!

Here we are in front of the weather screen! Dave taught us all about how to see yourself on screens off to the side so you know where to point and look. It’s difficult being a weatherman! Ava and Jack got the hang of it after awhile, but I am definitely not weather girl material.

Here is the newsroom!

Jack met the famous Giants football player Jason Pierre Paul in the green room!

Jack got to hold a football signed by lots of famous football players who have been on Good Day New York.

Jack got his makeup done!

We met Lucy Hale, the famous tv actress on Pretty Little Liars!

Ava got makeup too!

We had so much fun on ‘Good Day New York’. We got to learn so many interesting things about being a news broadcaster, and we got to experience being on live television!

Here is the link for our interviews:

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