Jack’s Sports Blog: Knicks vs. Celtics.


knicksIt seems like the Knicks are toying with the hearts and minds of their loyal fans.  The ‘Bockers nearly blew a twenty-three point lead Wednesday night, beating the Bulls 83-78.  Leaving this game behind, the Knicks have the task of Brad Stevens Celtics in Boston on Friday night.
The Knicks were blown out of the Garden last Sunday when the Celtics went on a rampage, beating the Knicks by nearly fifty points.

Keys to the games: The Knicks defense was great last night against the Bulls.  If they can carry that over to Boston, The Knicks will pull out with a win. Ball movement is a big factor in the Knicks success, if Carmelo limits the isolation plays and J.R. Smith takes smarter shots, the Knicks have a good chance to get a W.

Marquee Matchup: Jordan Crawford vs. The Knicks Defense: Crawford exploded from downtown Sunday for twenty three points in MSG.  Jordan’s range is unlimited, and the Knicks need to keep a close watch on him.  Crawford can become ice cold as quickly as he can become red hot, so the Knicks need to try to force him to miss a couple of shots in a row.

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