The Saviour of Uruk by Payton McHugh

The sun god sent down a man,

who was made of clay and sand.

He bore the name of Enkidu,

he was sent for me and you,

to save our lives and others’ too.

He lived with all the wild creatures,

so much so it changed his features.

He sprouted horns and was covered in hair,

that billowed in the noon-time air.

Then one day there was a sound,

that shook the whole entire ground.

He loved this voice,

he had no choice.

He reached the source,

and of course,

it was the girl he liked  a lot,

it was the one they call Shamhat.

They returned to the city of Uruk,

and with the very small look he first took,

he knew he’d fight, for his love and the rest,

the oh-so mighty Gilgamesh.

He fought the king for days and days,

so much he was in a haze.

and when the king then tumbled down,

just before he reached the ground,

Enkidu grabbed his hand,

for he was no longer made of sand.

And from that day until he died,

when he passed everyone cried,

“Look, oh look! It is the Saviour of Uruk!”

2 thoughts on “The Saviour of Uruk by Payton McHugh

  1. I love the suspense in this poem. My favorite line is “Enkidu grabbed his hand, for he was no longer made of sand.” We talk a lot about the transformation of Gilgamesh throughout the story but Enkidu was transformed as well. You depict this beautifully.

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