Harvest weekend in New Hampshire

Each October, Glen Brook Farm hosts an intensive weekend program harvesting the camp’s bio dynamic gardens. Families are invited to stay at the Camp for two nights and participate in all aspects of Glen Brook’s gardening and harvest programs: pulling potatoes from the ground, gathering pumpkins, making
soups and pies, harvesting apples and making cider, and spreading compost for the next year’s planting.
The schedule is full, yet there is also ample time for exploring the out‐of‐doors, sitting by the wood
stove in the Main House living room, or reading and relaxing. We had a wonderful experience at the farm and made some great new friends. A video of our long weekend is below, just press play!

3 thoughts on “Harvest Weekend

  1. Payton,Jack and Ava. Your weekend on the farm brought back memories of my childhood. We enjoyed harvest time in Ireland picking the potatoes turnips carrots parsnips and many veggies. It sounds as if you had a fun time as well as a great learning experience. Looking forward to your coming for a cooking day and maybe some work on the leaves.

    1. Yeah the harvest weekend was so fun. The best part was tasting the potatoes we harvested! They were delicious. We also pressed cider while we were there. That was really cool too. I guess all of the things we did were fun. Thanks for the comment. JACK

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