The Naive Teacher by Jack McHugh

Sent by the sun god a man with long fur

so the turning of a man’s heart would occur.

A man of the wild he would become,

the animals would teach him like a son

A woman of beauty would cross the land,

his heart would beat like a hundred man band.

The woman would have for him a load of care,

care for the man with very long hair.

When the time had come to fight Gilgamesh

he said good-bye and wished the animals the best.

There stood Gilgamesh on the tower

filled with rage and furious with power!

Time and time on they fought,

when they would stop was not a thought.

Until suddenly Gilgamesh fell!

When he was saved his heart did swell.

The beast’s name I must tell you.

His name, my friends, was Enkidu.

6 thoughts on “The Naive Teacher by Jack McHugh

  1. Jack, I just love this poem. I really get the sense that Enkidu was sent with a purpose. I also like that you describe his “human” qualities like love and compassion. Well done!

  2. Hi Jack , Just read your poem. I loved it. The way you were able to use certain words and phrases to convey so clearly the emotion and roles of the character in the poem. On a different note,,,, I am loving your reviews of the films you’ve been watching,, Keep them coming!

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