Milano!  We stopped here for the day on our way to Lake Como.  First, we visited the duomo, a cathedral built in 1386.  The cathedral itself is extremely ornate and finely detailed, especially on the roof.  All along the roof are dozens of spires with statues of saints standing atop them.  We climbed up the long windy staircase to the top of the duomo and were able to walk on the roof. We walked underneath the arches of the flying buttresses and looked out over the bustling city of Milan.  After our long descent down the cathedral stairs, we were all starving! We walked down a little side street off of the cathedral square, to a little food shop called Luini.  Luini is a little food shop, known for it’s panzerotti. Panzerotti is a deep fried pizza dough filled with marinara and mozzarella, vegetables or meat.  I had the marinara and mozzarella, and it was very yummy.  After satisfying our hunger, we hopped in the car and made our way up north! Lake Como, here we come!

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